To provide the highest quality medicinal herbs using only non-depleting practices that provide both the community and the land with optimal nourishment.



Spiritus Vitae:  /spir-it-us vee-tay/  n. Latin for 'spirit of life'

"We are not just farmers, we are stewards of Mother Earth. As such we strive to give back more than we take while seeking to find balance both in the field and in our lives." 

Nicole holds a Bachelors degree in Herbal Medicine from Bastyr University - one of the top Naturopathic medicine schools in the nation. She served as the head cGMP Compliance Officer for Prairie Star Botanicals before becoming the medicinal herb farmer she always wanted to be. During her adventures and education, Nicole developed a passion for conservation and regeneration. This passion fuels the fire that will enable Spiritus Vitae Botanicals to someday become a botanical sanctuary for medicinal herbs at-risk of becoming endangered. Paul shares Nicole's passion and has a true love for the land he calls home. Together they work tirelessly to bring high quality medicinal herbs and herbal products to southeast Nebraska.